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Octopadel Attack Padel Tennis Racket (Firm) - New for 2024

Octopadel Attack Padel Tennis Racket (Firm) - New for 2024

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The Diamond shape with 3K carbon and medium soft Eva Core gives exceptional control and power in your smashes. It is great for intermediate to advanced attacking players who love to dominate the net, allowing sharp precise volleys and a devastating vibora to destroy your opponents.

The 3D face has a sandpaper-like texture to grip the ball and allow you to generate much more spin, aggressive slice and curve the ball to defeat your opponents.

With this racket, you will have fun smashing the ball more easily as it has a high sweet spot and can produce much more leverage with a swift wrist snap.

The medium EVA core with a harder 3k carbon face means you can generate precise control and precision from the racket.

Diamond shape - High Balance

3K Carbon - Padel Tennis Racket

EVA Pro Comfort Core

Light Weight 355g 


Great for attacking players who like a harder feel and want maximum control and spin.

9/10 Power

10/10 Control

10/10 Spin

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